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Created in 2004, Mission-Partage works to serve the world's most underprivileged, first in India and now in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), thanks to the commitment and relentless dedication of its founder, Danielle Laurin, to the loyal support of numerous volunteers and with the help of Quebec and Canadian donors.

Over the years, through gestures of solidarity, the organization has brought aid, comfort and above all hope and dignity to the poor and destitute. Assistance is provided in the sectors of health, education, and basic vocational training programs, to enable beneficiaries to emerge from poverty by acquiring skills which they can directly apply in their living environment. Thanks to these interventions, the poorest may gain a certain autonomy, and most importantly, can regain their dignity. Mission-Partage’s interventions have spread to the DRC, from India, where the same principles are applied: intervening among the most fragile and most deprived, in local actions which directly impact targeted beneficiaries.


At the onset of 2020, Danielle, founder, and Line, co-founder, wished to "Pass the Torch". Their commitment and enthusiasm remain, but the years have borne their weight. A new board of directors was elected, on which I have the honor to chair. Our goal, notably inspired by that of the founder, is to continue the magnificent work already undertaken by focusing primarily on the DRC, where Mission-Partage has local partners, and where several projects have already been supported. Each year a member of our team, using personal funds, visits the project implementation sites and draws up a report for all our members.

As a charitable organization officially recognized by the government, Mission-Partage cannot intervene without the financial support of involved volunteers and donors, which is why we are appealing to your generosity. Needless to say: in this post-COVID19 period, the needs of a developing country like the DRC are tremendous. The pandemic has added its load to the countless daily challenges already experienced by local communities. We thank you in advance for your kind attention and generosity.

Alone we are just a drop in the ocean, 
but together, we can make a difference in their lives.

Thank you for enabling us to help them!

Francois Bouilhac

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