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• Installation of electricity at the Kivuvu hospital thanks to several generators;

• Purchase of a grain mill and construction of a building housing it;
• Repair of the roofs and walls of several schools;
• Purchase of a diesel chainsaw including a sawing system for cutting wood serving to make                desks, school benches, coffins, etc.
• Support for the “Grace of God” orphanage which takes in child witches;
• Nutritional support for approximately thirty marginalized orphans, by planting vegetables;
• Purchase of sheet metal in order to restore the roof of the Mateko Passage House;
• Construction of a building housing six-classrooms for 270 students of the primary school of              Mateko;
• Installation of a rainwater harvesting system and solar panels in Bandara;
• Purchase of approximately fifteen hand sewing machines and sewing supplies for the Madadum     high school in Mateko;
• Shipment of a container of medical equipment to three hospitals and six health centers.

We also support small local hospitals in remote villages with equipment and medicine and invest in nutritional centers to help the development of communities who have no access to health services in the event of illness.

Mission-Partage is an organization of love, mutual aid, and contribution which could not exist without the financial contribution of all those who have an interest and a possibility of supporting it. Thank you for creating this wonderful experience of sharing with us, with them.

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Mission-Partage is a charitable organization created IN 2004, whose aim is to raise funds to help people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo become self-sufficient.

Our actions focus on supporting education, health, development initiatives, and training for youths and adults seeking employment to enable them to acquire skills that they can immediately apply to surmount their hardship, improve their fate, reclaim their employability, or even create jobs by founding a micro-enterprise.

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